Below is the growing list of those fellow channels, personalities and streamers that I follow and enjoy content from.


Fred & Emily

Fred who I originally knew as Oshi7 was the first person I really started to follow and watch regularly on Twitch. I was able to watch him grow as a streamer and watch at he first started dating Emily and even her first time jumping into his seat to try and save his life in Day Z while he went to the restroom. Now known as Fremily, they are a couple Variety streamer that I love and look up to. They have successfully been streaming for many many years and have ran multiple Twitch events in London.


Sev &

Sev is someone that found me a long time ago when I was first restarting and trying to stream. Since then I’ve continued to follow and enjoy his content. He’s got skill and a brutal honesty with a foul mouth that is thoroughly entertaining while going toe to toe with others in shooters. Either he’s rolling solo in Battlefield or Rolling 5 man deep with the DeMan. He will most likely be at the top of the score board with a positive K/D no matter whom he’s playing with. Someone I’ve come to know and think of more as a friend than just someone I know online.


Insanity Plee

Insanity Plee is La Familia, having known him in real life so long we have been absorbed into one Family. He is a variety stream whom doesn’t beat around the bush or walk on eggshells. He’s honest to the point with an attitude and chaotic neutral (leaning on evil) sense of humor that makes him a need on any adventure, not to mention he’s a Giant. No really he’s TALL. While he doesn’t have a stream schedule currently make sure to follow him on twitch and twitter to keep updated on when he’ll be able to go live.

Prophet On Fire

Prophet is an Old School DRMB Member, a tattoo artist and Battlefield Streamer. He plays PS4, XBox and PC Battlefield with a sprinkling of other games and genres. With a consistent schedule you will find him regularly live on his channel and the Battlefield twitch channel.


Punisher aka The Frugal Streamer & 

Punisher is an Old School DRMB Member and a variety streamer. You’ll find him streaming a variety of shooters and you’ll also find his amazing tutorials on YouTube that provide great info and walk-through’s of streaming setups with multiple computers or single machines; instructional videos on what software to use for audio cabling and mixing. All around great source of information.